FitterLife was strategically created in anticipation of the U.S. Government’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) mandate in 2015. In a partnership with InfinEDI - Electronic Data Interchange, the goal was to help facilitate interactions between doctors and patients, leaders and citizens, coaches and players and companies looking to improve the lives of their employees.
UX-UI design for the Exercise Minutes, the Fittercise Strength Training and the Nutrition Tracker applications.
Video animation, editing and post production for 54 exercise video.
Collaborate with Oklahoma State University Seretean Wellness Center and the Office of the President to design and launch a Cowboys on the Move mobile app and BETA website, resulting in over 7-million minutes of exercise logged in a campus-wide rewards program and competition.
• • •
Enterprise system UX-UI design, multi-channel marketing design, video production and training materials.

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