Working with corporate leadership to cast and expand vision, Scott has led the implementation of multiple projects across a variety of digital channels and platforms with both large and small teams of data analysts, designers, developers, programmers, software engineers, videographers, animators, copywriters, historians, marketers and fabricators.
With a depth of experience in Human Interface, Scott has a proven track record as a strong collaborator, communicator, lead product designer, and as a product owner, he has the ability to define, prioritize and lead objectives – while encouraging, empowering and lifting team members to a higher level.
• • •
CREATIVE DIRECTOR of Interactive Media
KochComm | 2022 – Present
Concept development, UX-UI design, brand identity, digital marketing, content and ad strategy
• • •
McKinley Browne Publishing | 2012 – Present
Creative direction, print and digital book design, UX-UI design and digital marketing
• • •
InfinEDI - Electronic Data Interchange | 2008 – 2022
Concept development, project management, UX-UI design and digital marketing
• • •
DESIGN MANAGER of Marketing and Communications
Paycom Software | 2018 - 2019 
Project management, art direction, brand identity and UX-UI design
• • •
CREATIVE DIRECTOR of Audience Development
The Oklahoman Media Company and Griffin Communications | 2001 - 2018 
Concept development, project management, product owner, UX-UI design, multi-channel marketing design, content and advertising strategy for & The
• • •
Professional SKILLS
Strategic Planning
Product Owner
Creative Direction
Casting & Expanding Vision
Statistical Analysis
Project Management
Team Building
UX-UI Design 
Mobile Applications
Digital Advertising
Content & Ad Strategy
E-mail Marketing
Architectural Design 
Book Publishing
Podcast Production
Video Production
• • •
Technology and Leadership Training Certificates | 2016 - Present 
Google, Ken Blanchard Companies, The Persimmon Group, LinkedIn Learning
• • •
Google Analytics Certification for Beginners | Expires 2023
Google Ads (AdWords) Essential Training
Scrum: The Basics
Building Trust with Building Trust
Project Management Essential Training
Coaching and Developing Employees
Ken Blanchard on Servant Leadership
Sketch Essential Training 
Zero Dark 30: Getting Your Team to Perform Like Navy Seals
Strategic Thinking Course
Communicating Articulately Leadership
• • •
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