Written by Sarah Horton with Virginia Hare, The Girls of Dami Phi Datum started with a break up.
Virginia Hare weaves the tale of Shirley Johnson showing Bob Cannon how little she needed him. The girls club began with the defiant rejection of boys; Dami Phi Datum!
The ‘no dating’ pact lasted until Shirley and Bob got back together, but the club and friendships spanned the rest of the girl’s lives. Sixty-seven years later, Virginia and her girlfriends have experienced marriage, children, careers, reunions, retirement and 60th wedding anniversaries together.
Round Robin letters, circulating 65 of those years and counting, followed Virginia across Europe during the Cold War and across the United States as her Air Force pilot husband received orders to different bases. 
This paperback book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Nobles or for special order at any local book store.

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