UX-UI design and project management for Oklahoman.com website, iOS and Android apps. With one-button publishing, DittoPublisher generates editions across a suite of the most popular devices. This homegrown CMS was used by The Washington Examiner, The Weekly Standard magazine and The Gazette in Colorado Springs.
Mobile responsive desktop website with 7-days of The Oklahoman Print Replica.
Manage a vacation stop, deliver a concern, make a payment, update account information and much more with The Oklahoman SAP customer account mobile website.
The Oklahoman app with customizable push-notification topics and inbox storage.
Ad Campaigns
​​​​​​​Below are sample TV spots from past campaigns written, shot and produced by our in-house video team in collaboration with The Oklahoman leadership team and the marketing department. (Producers include Scott Horton, Sara Miller, Todd Fraser and Kyle Roberts)
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Strategic planning, concept development, project management, product owner, UX-UI design, multi-channel marketing design, training materials, content and advertising strategy.
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