Designed and developed by QVH Systems, in partnership with the Texas Association of Community Health Centers, this browser-based mobile-friendly application allows physicians to identify gaps in a patient's healthcare, review their significant problem history, medications list and social determinants of health – all within seconds – then quickly communicate orders to their team through text, e-mail and the SnapHx user admin.
SnapHx uses medical claims from across the nation, measured against a federal qualified Uniform Data System (UDS) and Healthcare Effectiveness Data Information Sets (HEDIS).
This confidential presentation of SnapHx™, a patent pending, proprietary tool owned by QVH Systems LLC, has been provided to you solely to enable you to learn about SnapHx™ benefits. Neither this presentation nor any of its content may be disseminated, distributed or otherwise conveyed to anyone other than you without the express written permission of QVH Systems.
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